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Naada Yoga- International Music & Yoga Day - June 21, 2017

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Naada Yoga- International Music & Yoga Day

Destress and rejevunate through Yoga and music - a mind , body and soul detox
Naada Yoga- International Music & Yoga Day

Carnatica Archival Centre (founded by noted Carnatic vocalist K.N. Shashikiran) is pleased to celebrate International Yoga Day and World Music day on 21st June, 2017 towards world peace and harmony. As in the previous years, the celebrations will involve a galaxy of musicians bringing together several innovative concepts in Carnatic music and Naada Yoga.

Carnatica is a pioneering music organization based in Chennai, founded by noted Carnatic vocalist K. N. Shashikiran (Managing Trustee). The Centre aims to preserve, promote and propagate Carnatic music globally. Carnatica has been celebrating World Music Day for several years until now. The organization has always been associated with other activities which would be directly or indirectly beneficial to the cause of the Carnatic music system, its practitioners and music lovers, currently and for the posterity.

While music itself is described as Naada Yoga, yoga is essential for musicians. Although pranayama helps regulate one’s breathing and thus helps vocalists and wind instrumentalists, yoga in general aids musicians produce good music by relaxing the mind and aiding in the creative process. Music and yoga combine to ensure the well-being of the body, mind and soul says K N Shashikiran.

The entire event being conceptualised by KN Sashikiran will be celebrated, for the first time all over the world – eight cities in USA, 4 cities in India, 2 cities in New Zealand, UK, Singapore, Canada & UAE. The latest technological tools like Live Web streaming & Social media will be used to make this celebrations hosted all over the world possible. In India and our own Chennai, the celebrations will take place at several venues in the city. Popular locations are the Nageswara Rao Park in Mylapore, Padma Seshadri Bala Bhavan Senior Secondary School, Mumgambakkam, MOP Vaishnav College for Women, Kodambakkam. The finale of the event will happen at the Arkay Convention Centre, Mylapore with performances by various popular and upcoming artistes. The highlight of this year’s event is that programmes from all these locations will be streamed live on the net to allow raiskas from all over the world to experience live the performances of aritistes from the world over in the comfort of their homes.

The event will begin with “Fitness for Musicians & Music Meditation for Stress Relief” by Soundarajan and Arvind Soundarajan of Art of Living. This will be followed by a presentation by Dr Sudha Raja’s “Sargam Choir,Chtiraveena by Ganesh & “Flute Unplugged” by JA Jayant. “Santh Pravaham” will be presented by Deepika Varadarajan, Vasundha Ravi & Savitha Sriram.and special percussion by Kishna Kishore. This daylong event in Chennai will have its concluding session at Arkay convention centre, Mylapore with perfromances from Sudha Raja’s “Sargam Choir”, VVS Murari’s “Carnatic Philharmony”, “Carnatic Choir by KN Sashikiran, A Global Tribute to Trinity & Global peace – performed by Gayathri Girish, Nisha Rajagopal, Chitraveen Ganesh & Chinmaya Sisters, Musical Conversations – “Nadham & Swaram” by Barath Sundar & M Karhtikeyan, Vocal, Violin & Venu by Thiruvaroor Girish, VVS Murari & JA Jayant, “Keerthanam – Sangeerthanam” by Apoorva Ravindhran, Anahita Ravindran & JB Keerthana, “Layam & Melody” by Kunnakudi M Balamuralikrishna.

Save the Date - 21st June 2017 - join the celebrations in Chennai at multiple venues for an unique experience through the power of music ...let us unite and ensure this prayer through the sound energy to create positivity in the minds of people and also appease the nature. Join the galaxy of top notch musicians and enjoy some special thematic presentations. ...... All are welcome to unique event.
For more details contact: 9840015013/ 9444018269.